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i knew a boy who, unlike many others, made me smile.
the year of 1999
he was 13 years old. he sat at my table, next to me, in art class and although he didn't say much most of the time, when he would speak to me, he'd blush or giggle. Never a dull moment.

We did not knew much about each other, but i liked art class a little more because he was there. He was a curly, blonde haired kid who enjoyed hardcore music and hated when i would call him by his middle name. I did it on purpose because hating it didnt stop him from laughing everytime anyways. He was a rather small kid. We always saw and hugged each other at shows. I'm probably the last person who should be writing this because i wasn't his best friend or his girlfriend but I became a close friend and i'm probably the first because i appreciated the little moments he wasn't so silent around me.
He had his problems, like we all do, but if you said the right thing...and you bugged him long enough, he'd smile and say something funny. When Tom first sat next to me in art class, i couldn't imagine that he will become one of the bestest friends i ever had. The more i got to know tom and the more i respected him because he was soo silent. Not everyone is loud or cheery or happy but i got him to show me that he did, however small, have that side to him as well.
He was the completely oppsite of me but nevertheless i liked him. His best and probably only friend was a boy called Sebastian. He became my boyfriend. My first true love. And all my life i will be thankful to Tom because without him i probably had not met Sebastian.
Tom was a person with a great personality. All the years he did not change. He found his true love Sarah and they had a wonderful time together. Now I can say that Tom and I had a wonderful time together too although we only were alone in our art classes.

Tom died thursday morning of June 30th, 2005 at the age of 18. We can never know all the details about what happened but we know he was hit by a car. The driver was 20 years old but he was very responsible.

It's hard to accept this is the kind of pain no one can ever do anything about.

Before art class, i never truly saw him laugh. I am so greatful i got to know him enough to see that happen.

Rest in peace, Tom Elias Balder
We'll love and miss you forever
each in our own way.


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