You are all I need

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My friends are hotter than yours

I love my friends and I trust em with all my life. if you have a problem with them you also have one with me. They are the best that could ever happen to me. It is the way they are making me laugh when I don't even want to smile! They are always there for me and I thank them all for the support they give me in my times of need. And also when we are in a fight .. at least I know who my true friends are .. and I know that I always can count on them .. everytime .. You guys think you are smart? I think you are superfine. I have so much fun with you guys. When we go clubbing or also when we just sit in the park and talk about the sense of life .. maybe the sense of life is to have friends and to give them always more than they give you .. without them I wouldn't be the person I am today .. they got a hold on me :D I love u guys and I am always there for you too for sure..

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